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The Act requires every person in public life to:
1.  File a declaration setting out the following:
  • personal particulars and in addition those of a spouse and children declared;
  • particulars of persons income, assets and liabilities held and spouse and children (this includes any income, assets and liabilities acquired, held or incurred by any other person or agent on his/her behalf);
  • monies or other property held in trust for him/the persons; or held in Trust by him/her for another person.                                                                                                          
Who Should File
The Integrity in Public Life Act considers the following to be persons in public life:
1. Members of the Commission
2. Members of the House of Representatives
3. Members of the Senate
4. President of the Senate
5. Speaker of the House of Representatives
6. Parliamentary Secretaries
7. Secretary to the Cabinet
8. Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Permanent Secretaries
9. Senior Administrative Officers
10. Chief Budget Officer
11. Account General and Deputy Accountant General
12. Attorney General
13. Clerk of Parliament
14. Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police
15. All Police officers
16. Chief Immigration Officer, Deputy Chief Immigration Officer and all other immigration officers
17. Superintendent of Prisons and all prison officers                                                                                                                                          
18. Comptroller of Customs, Deputy Comptroller of Customs and all customs officers
19. Comptroller of Inland Revenue, Deputy Comptroller of Inland Revenue and all inland revenue officers
20. Chief Personnel Officer
21. Legal Officers employed by the State
22. Director of Financial Intelligence Unit and all employees of the Financial Intelligence Unit
23. Director of Public Prosecutions
24. Director of Audit
25. Magistrates
26. Labour Commissioner, Deputy Labour Commissioner and all labour officers
27. Chief Technical Officers of Ministries
28. Members of Public Service Commission
29. Members of Public Service Board of Appeal
30. Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of Statutory Bodies
31. Chief Executives Officers and Deputy Chief Executives Officers, by whatever name known, of statutory bodies
32. Members of the Tenders Board
33. All Public Officers including non-established officers receiving a salary in excess of two thousand dollars per month.
Below are links to the Declaration Form and detailed instructions as to how the form should be completed.