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Integrity Commission progresses investigation into MNIB

Further to media reports and statements circulating with regard to concerns about the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB), the Integrity Commission, on its own initiative, commenced investigations into the current and past affairs at the board, from early August 2018.
The commission mobilised its investigations team, which comprises its technical staff of the Office of the Commission, including the Head of Investigations, Head of Compliance and the Legal Officer.
The Chairman and Acting CEO of the MNIB and relevant authorities have been advised by the commission of the commencement of its investigations into the management and operations of the entity. Members of the investigation team have also met with its Chairman and Acting CEO. Preliminary information was requested pursuant to section 12 (1) (f) of the Integrity in Public Life Act, to inform the commission’s investigation.
Further to section 12 (2) (b) of the Integrity in Public Life Act, the commission has commenced collaboration with its external stakeholders, and consultants, as it progresses the Investigation and Inquiry into the state of affairs at the MNIB.
In accordance with section 13 of the said Integrity in Public Life Act, the commission has designated the Investigations and Complaints Panel of commissioners, to oversee the inquiry stage of the investigation. The inquiry panel of the commission for the purposes of this Investigation is composed of:
(1) The chairman, commissioner Robert Robinson, who is the Deputy Chairman of the commission. He is a regional subject matter expert in industrial relations, and was recommended to serve on the commission by then Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas, of the National Democratic Congress Government; with
(2) Commissioner Oforiwa Augustine who is an experienced lawyer and former judicial officer. She was recommended to serve on the commission by the Grenada Council of Churches, and;
(3) Commissioner Bertie Hill, who is an experienced church leader, with a background in management and business, and was recommended to serve on the commission by the Association of Evangelical Churches.
These commissioners shall conduct the inquiry in private and in accordance with section 12 (1) (e), and (f) of the Integrity in Public Life Act and; Sections 3, 4,5, 7 and 8 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.
Subsequent to the completion of the commission’s Investigations and conduct of the inquiry, the report will be handed over to Her Excellency the Governor General, the Director of Public Prosecution and the Minister with responsibility for the Marketing and National Importing Board, Prime Minister Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell.
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The purpose of the Commission, in accordance with the Integrity in Public Life Act No.24 of 2013, is to improve governance through ensuring integrity in public life, to obtain declarations of assets, liabilities, income and interests in relation to persons in public life and to give effect to the provisions of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, to which Grenada is a signatory.


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